Looking Forward to 2014

A little over a week ago, I had a meeting with a client, and we got onto the topic of goals and planning. We talked about overarching goals that span years and also the more immediate goals that can be reached in months, or weeks, even. I wrote my 2013 year-in-review and really felt that it helped me get clear on what happened last year, both with my business and in personal life. What I didn’t do in early 2013 was write my goals for the year and now, I wish I would have. I feel like that’s a little representative of my business and how my business has grown. It hasn’t been very “planned”, which is funny, because I’m definitely a planner and I like schedules and routines.

So, this post is going to be a sort of dumping ground for my goals for 2014. I haven’t really gotten much further than jotting them all down. I’ll clarify and organize them as 2014 moves on. My main goal for 2014 is to run my business with intention and thoughtful planning. I’ve been officially running my business for three years now and this year, and while it’s been a successful and growing business, it needs attention and thought in some areas.

Things I want to focus on in 2014:

  • Setting clear boundaries around my work and personal life
  • Spending more time dedicated to A Mix of Pixels: blogging, updating my website, and continuing education, to name a few
  • Getting clear on the clients I want to work with and projects I want to take on
  • Setting aside more dedicated work time – this may seem counter-intuitive, but I think if I spend more blocked-out time on work, I’ll be able to be less distracted at home.
  • Setting aside one day a month for working strictly on A Mix of Pixels
  • Continuing to refine my email policy and focus on distraction-free working
  • Looking for areas to work smarter, not harder (i.e. increased productivity)
  • Setting aside time for breaks (short and long vacations, time away from the computer, etc.)
  • Initiating more client communication and offering additional services, like a ticketing system and a knowledge base for FAQs
  • Integrating the person I hired more deeply into my business

I’m excited to have these goals written down and to refine and clarify what each goal means and how I plan on implementing each goal. I hope to check in throughout the year to give a status on where I stand, and then I hope my 2014 year in review can be even more meaningful as I look back at my goals set at the beginning of the year.


  1. Maria


    I love your main goal of working with intention and thoughtful planning. I bet it feels great to be in a place where you are planning ahead and driving the business instead of letting the business drive you. Congrats on the past three years and good luck in 2014! I know you will do great things!

    • Jessica Reilley


      Thanks, Maria! Yes, it does feel good to be more proactive instead of reactive. Thanks for your good wishes and for being such a supportive friend and good listener. :-)

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