Tip of the Week – Two Minute Meditation

This week’s tip is about finding two minutes to meditate. Mindfulness-based meditation has been a popular buzzword for the past couple of years as it’s gotten some [well-deserved] press and companies like Google have launched Mindful Lunches. But, when it comes to mindfulness meditation, I’ve always struggled with finding uninterrupted time to do my meditation, especially on a consistent basis. So, I’ve modified my expectation and the time I do my meditations to just two minutes. For two minutes, I find a peaceful spot or moment – while taking a shower, or in the morning after the kids are at preschool and just before I begin my work – and I focus on my breath. Just for two minutes. Sometimes, my mind flits around and I find myself continually drawing it back to my breath. The more I practice these two minute meditations, though, the more I find myself looking forward to the short little breaks of peace and the more easily I can focus my breath. I think of it as giving my mind a two minute break away from the chaos and information overload it’s exposed to on a daily basis.

Why two minutes? It’s really about cultivating a habit. When I tried to meditate for 20 or 30 minutes daily, I just wasn’t doing it consistently. You can certainly meditate longer than two minutes, and some days, I do. Some days I meditate multiple times for just two minutes. I know I can always find two minutes every day to meditate and focus my mind. Zenhabits has a great post about How to Meditate Daily. It starts with two minutes and gives tips on growing that habit.

Image by Bes Z (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

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