Finding Calm Amidst the Chaos

I’ve written about how helpful meditation has been to keeping me grounded and sane, especially during stressful times when work and life are busy. For my irregular schedule, I find it easiest and most beneficial to do small meditations – sometimes only two minutes – throughout the day. My husband knows how much I find these breaks helpful and recently shared a website with my that is designed specifically for taking a calm, peaceful break. The website is aptly named The site itself is simple and easy to use: choose a background (if you’d like to look at a peaceful image) and then choose a meditation method – guided or non-guided, and finally choose a length of the meditation.

Sometimes, I prefer to be away from my computer for my meditation break and there’s a free app you can install on your iPhone or Android device so you can take your meditations away from your work area.

I find I look forward to these breaks of calm during a chaotic day and the easier I make it on myself to take a break, the more I tend to do so. Do you have a meditation habit? Do you have a time that you set aside for meditation or do you break on an as-needed basis?

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