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Finding Calm Amidst the Chaos

I’ve written about how helpful meditation has been to keeping me grounded and sane, especially during stressful times when work and life are busy. For my irregular schedule, I find it easiest and most beneficial to do small meditations – sometimes only two minutes – throughout the day. My husband knows how much I find these breaks helpful and recently shared a website with my that is designed specifically for taking a calm, peaceful break. The website is aptly named The site itself is simple and easy to use: choose a background (if you’d like to look at a peaceful image) and then choose a meditation method – guided or non-guided, and finally choose a length of the meditation.

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Tip of the Week – Two Minute Meditation

This week’s tip is about finding two minutes to meditate. Mindfulness-based meditation has been a popular buzzword for the past couple of years as it’s gotten some [well-deserved] press and companies like Google have launched Mindful Lunches. But, when it comes to mindfulness meditation, I’ve always struggled with finding uninterrupted time to do my meditation, especially on a consistent basis. So, I’ve modified my expectation and the time I do my meditations to just two minutes. For two minutes, I find a peaceful spot or moment – while taking a shower, or in the morning after the kids are at preschool and just before I begin my work – and I focus on my breath. Just for two minutes. Sometimes, my mind flits around and I find myself continually drawing it back to my breath. The more I practice these two minute meditations, though, the more I find myself looking forward to the short little breaks of peace and the more easily I can focus my breath. I think of it as giving my mind a two minute break away from the chaos and information overload it’s exposed to on a daily basis.

Why two minutes? It’s really about cultivating a habit. When I tried to meditate for 20 or 30 minutes daily, I just wasn’t doing it consistently. You can certainly meditate longer than two minutes, and some days, I do. Some days I meditate multiple times for just two minutes. I know I can always find two minutes every day to meditate and focus my mind. Zenhabits has a great post about How to Meditate Daily. It starts with two minutes and gives tips on growing that habit.

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