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Post-Vacation Overload and Recovery

We returned from a great family vacation almost a month ago and I’ve been digging out from a big post-vacation workload. About two weeks ago, things really caught up with me and my regular coaching session turned into crisis management. My mind felt like I had a bouncing ball inside it – I was flitting from task to task, my regular system was not up to date, I was working non-stop with no breaks and I was battling regular headaches – a sure sign of being overly stressed for me. When I reached out to my coach, De, for help, she helped me take a step back to look at what was going on and also to get back to my regular habits of work and stress management.

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A Little Perspective from Vacation

We just returned from a very relaxing, very warm trip to the gulf coast of Florida.  We planned this trip way back in late winter to celebrate my Mom’s retirement.  As usual, life leading up to the trip was chaotic and I was up late most nights wrapping up projects and meeting deadlines.  It almost felt like it wasn’t worth it.  To go on vacation, that is.  The stress that surrounded my days and evenings made me question why we were even going on this trip.

And then, it was Thursday.  The day before our trip.  I closed my laptop and packed our bags.  And we left.

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