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Jess – for the WORK pages I’m thinking we follow the same general format to some extent – Challenge, Solution, and Result. Rather than using those words though, we come up with short phrases that can be used as headlines or sub-heads and then add a brief 1-2 sentence explanation below that.

General format for Work pages, using Embassy as an example:

  • Challenge – Marketing Agency Seeks Online Scheduling Solution for Busy Dental Office Client
  • Solution – Fast, Reliable Scheduling System Seamlessly Integrated with Existing System (if this was the case?)
  • Result – Cost-Savings, Time-Savings, and Increased Accuracy Ease Scheduling Burden

About Embassy Dental

Larger, more complex project working (behind the scenes?) with a marketing firm.

For projects where you offer development to marketing agencies – what are their challenges that lead them to you? How do you integrate into the team/project (ie do you deal direct with the client, attend meetings, etc., or more behind the scenes?)

Did you create their original site? If yes, when was that (only matters if it’s been a long relationship)? If not, what was their situation when you came on board? What were their challenges?

Can we give some indication of growth – # of visitors at the beginning to # of visitors today? some other statistic?

Can we get a testimonial from them?

What has made this a successful relationship?

Have there been related non-website services you’ve done for them?

Briefly, what are some of the things you’ve done for them over the years, i.e. total re-design? Added functionality? integrated with other systems? etc.?

What have the benefits been to Embassy Dental as a result of your website development?



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