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St. Aloysius Academy for Boys has been operating in Bryn Mawr, PA, since 1895. Over the years their website had become disorganized and cluttered. The challenge was to create a new website that served all of their audiences – parents, students, potential students, and alumni.

  • Challenge – Catholic Institution Steeped in Tradition Seeks Modern Website Solutions
  • Solution – Multiple Menus and Added Functionality Streamlines and Organizes Vast Amounts of Information
  • Result – A Mix of Traditional and Modern Design Appeals to Past, Present, and Future Scholars

Organized information so it was quick and easy to find – events, forms, etc.

Did you create their original site? If yes, when was that? If not, what was their situation when you came on board? What were their challenges?

Can we give some indication of growth – # of visitors at the beginning to # of visitors today? some other statistic?

Can we get a testimonial from them?

What has made this a successful relationship?

Have there been related non-website services you’ve done for them?

Briefly, what are some of the things you’ve done for them over the years, i.e. total re-design? Added functionality? integrated with other systems? etc.?

What have the benefits been to St. Aloysius as a result of your website development?

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