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Women’s Resource Center is a small non-profit in Wayne, PA, which has been serving the needs of women for over 40 years with programs like family law, counseling, and information and referral. Their two main audiences – clients and donors – were not being addressed on their website.

  • Challenge – Non-Profit Struggles to Address Two Very Different Audiences
    • Visitors to the WRC fall into two categories – clients and donors. Clients visit the site to get help and donors visit to give help.
  • Solution – Clearly Defined Sections Speak Directly to Different Audiences – “Get Help” or “Give Help”
    • The “Get Help” section of the website features WRC’s programs and resources, all a quick click away for those who need them. The “Give Help” section focuses on ways to donate and other sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.
  • Result – A More Personal Site Speaking to the Heart of the Organization

If not, what was their situation when you came on board? What were their challenges?

WRC Challenges – address two distinct audiences, better explain the relationship clients, donors, volunteers have with one another. They understand a donor one day could become a client the next day. Mutual respect between everyone involved. Small, but mighty organization that does a lot with very little. Offers services not available anywhere else.

Can we give some indication of growth – # of visitors at the beginning to # of visitors today? some other statistic?

Can we get a testimonial from them?

What has made this a successful relationship?

Have there been related non-website services you’ve done for them?

Briefly, what are some of the things you’ve done for them over the years, i.e. total re-design? Added functionality? integrated with other systems? etc.?

What have the benefits been to WRC as a result of your website development?

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